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Striped bass, charter,
Fall Striper Season has begun and we are doing great.  I am running back bay charters every day that the weather permits. Now that the bite has begun I am taking bookings every day, but there are still plenty of open days available.  If you have ever considered fishing Striped Bass on light tackle give me a call now.  609-484-0409.
      I applied for the Charter boat Bonus Permits so we should be able to keep slot fish from 24" to 28" this year besides the 28" or over Keeper.  I've already used up several tags on early season slot fish and was informed that the quota of available tags have been issued so I will be limiting use of the tags, however for those Striper eaters every party will be able to use one or two to ensure a great meal.  For those C&R specialists we'll just have loads of FUN!

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Book your trip NOW, Prime dates are filling up fast. 
Call Capt. Dave @ 609-484-0409


I am participating in the
Striped Bass, Slot Fish Bonus Program

Striper Season is on the way and The Marine Fisheries dropped of my supply of Bonus Tags for my clients on Absecon Bay Fishing Safaris www.facebook.com/fishabsecon . The Bonus program allows anyone who applies to keep a fish from 24" to 28". As a Charter Captain in the program any angler on one of my charters who catches a fish in the slot can use a tag and take a great eating fish home for dinner in addition to a fish over 28". Of course I agree with complete Catch & Release fishing if that's how you roll, but I have no problem with anyone taking what is legal and BTW to participate in this program requires extensive reporting of information that will be a help with future Striped Bass Management.

Bonus Tag Advisory

As a registered Charter Boat I have recieved a number of tags which allow keeping a slot fish of 24" to 28", for use of my charter customers.  I have been informed that I am limited to my original supply so I will be limiting the use by my customers.  The following explains how I will use them:

  • A maximum of two tags will be issued per charter per day.
  • If a legal, (over 28") Striper is landed first, or before the the second tag is affixed to a slot fish only 1 tag will be used.
  • If all anglers on board catch a legal 28" Striper we will save all the tags for another day.

I hope all customers understand and appreciate this situation and my way of dealing with a situation.

Spot Advisory
The name of the game for the last few years has been "SPOT" and this year the supply locally and out of the Chesapeake Bay has been very "Spotty" at best.  I did manage to buy a few tanks full, but they are already thinning out.  Current price is $5 each with no discounts for quantity.  Prices are subject to change at any time (and I don't think they will be going down)  I will save a limited quantity for my charters , but when the current supply is exhausted they will be gone for the season. 

I do have a good number of Eels and expect one more load.  Fresh Bunker and Clams should be in a normal supply and I always have plenty of GULP!
It's All About The BAIT
When Striper Season rolls around you need the freshest liveliest bait available and you can find it here at Absecon Say sportsman Center.  My supply of LIVE SPOT and EELS is always second to none and I do my best to keep my refrigerators packed with Surf Clams and Fresh Bunker.  When you are ready to fish stop by and check our supply, you'll be back for more. Get details on Bait Pricing and Availability Here
Spot Price and Availability Update
Boat Slips Available
for Remainder of 2015
Striper Season Special
Maximum 18+ $100
Maximum 16 - $100
  1. It is unusual, but I do have a very few boat slips available for the season. All are on floating docks protected on Absecon Creek. There is Fresh Water on the docks, good water at all tides. they will go , First come, paid in full first served. Season goes from when you put in until you pull out in the Fall/ winter. Questions call 609-484-0409. Email me go-fish@abseconbay.com  and I'll try to respond.
This Long Winter Got you Down ?
Check out the NEW Parlama Sportfishing Web Page 
The Fleet is in and we are ready to host you to some of the worlds most fantastic fishing.  No mater what the season Guatemala has amazing fishing 365 days a year.  

Take a look at the quick video which was shot this October 24th with Alexander Sacchetti on a WILD Striped Bass fishing trip. This video is an introduction to Alex's new Web Venture, www.myfishcircle.com .  The page is in it's infancy and being brought on line, but give it a look and join the Circle. 

M & B Marine
Home of Truly Professional Service for your boat and motor
M & B is a certified E-Tec Facility and can take care of any brand Outboard Motor.

Shop Phone 609-568-6314
Call Mike @ 609-335-5236 or Bob @ 609-276-0707
I am very happy to announce a welcome change in my buisness with a Partnership with "M & B Marine".  
Mike Musarra and Bob Fricke are two of South Jersey's finest Marine Mechanics with almost 30 years of experience each.   They will be taking over all the boat and motor service which will include all the winterizing, shrink wrap and winter storage.
 If you want the very best care for your floating baby please click on the following link for complete information.
Get Directions To:
81 Natalie Terrace
Absecon NJ 08201

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